6 Ayurvedic Skin Care Products To Stock Up On This Summer

Summer is knocking at our door, and we’re looking at a season of sweltering heat and excessive sweating ahead. In a situation like this, it’s very important to use the right kind of skin care products to guard ourselves from the harmful effects of the sun. We’re doing a round-up of our top picks of skincare essentials {Ayurvedic ones, no less} that you should have in your summer arsenal.

Kama Ayurveda Pure Mogra Water Face Mist

A cool and refreshing face mist is a must to fight summer dehydration. Made from hand-picked Indian mogra {jasmine} flowers that have gone through steam distillation, this facial mist from Kama Ayurveda also helps in fighting pigmentation and has a soothing aroma. This is going into our hand bag this season, for sure.

Where: Shop online here

Price: INR 875

Forest Essentials Lavender And Neroli Light Day Lotion

If it’s the sun we’re fighting, how can we forget a good sunscreen? This moisturising lotion from Forest Essentials has an SPF of 25 and is our absolute favourite! It seeps nicely into the skin without making it oily or sticky.

Where: Shop online here

Price: INR 1,750

Kama Ayurveda Rose, Orange & Cinnamon Soap

With a natural handmade soap like this, we’d love to bathe all day long! This soap from Kama Ayurveda is enriched with organic extra virgin coconut, jojoba, and castor oil which help in skin cell growth, increased blood circulation, and in removal of toxins.

Where: Shop online here

Price: INR 435

Forest Essentials Oudh And Green Tea Body Mist

If you always thought that green tea was only for drinking, allow this Oudh and Green Tea Body Mist to change your mind. The fragrance is intoxicating, and we suggest you spray this on yourself several times in a day to feel fresh.

Where: Shop online here

Price: INR 1,675

Forest Essentials Silken Dusting Powder

Those ugly armpit sweat stains are the last things you want, right? This cooling talc absorbs the sweat and lets your skin breathe. Also, you cannot miss the delicate aroma of honey and vanilla.

Where: Shop online here

Price: INR 595

Kama Ayurveda Foot Scrub

Feet are the most abused part of our body, and the least cared for. So say goodbye to sweaty, smelly feet with this foot scrub from Kama Ayurveda. Consisting of tea tree extracts and ground apricot shell powder, the scrub naturally heals fungal infections and gently removes dead skin while relieving your feet of soreness, leaving them nicely scented.

Where: Shop online here.

Price: Rs 550

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