Aseem posted on 5th June

Paint the Town Red: 6 Places to Go Paintballing

Feeling frustrated with your boss? Angry at your friend? Host a game of paintball to get even, and shoot them {playfully, of course}. For seasoned paintballers, or first-timers looking for a fun experience, check out these facilities in Delhi and Gurgaon.

The Paintball Co.

Paintball Co. is perfect for those with kids. They have special deals for kids aged six onwards, and even birthday package specials. Their website offers a convenient online booking system. Perhaps the most interesting thing about them is their ability to set up in an open space.

While they would prefer for you to visit their permanent location, they offer an Anytime, Anywhere, Paintball service whereby they come to where you want and set up an arena {as long as there is running water, an open field, and access to electricity}. This service is hands down the most convenient for private events.

Price: For prices, check out their website for birthday deals, corporate packages, group deals, and other custom prices here.

The Paintball Rocks

Located in Sector 23, Gurgaon, this outdoor paintball arena offers bang for your buck. With good rates The Paintball Rocks is a good starter option for first time paintballers, or beginners {people tend to waste a lot of ammo during their first time}. They even host and organise paintball tournaments, and have a host of other outdoor activities including zorbing, zip lines and archery.

Lock ‘n’ Load

For those of you non-outdoorsy types, check out Lock ‘n’ Load for its convenient indoor West Delhi location at Pacific Mall. A typical indoor battleground awaits you, with barricades of different shapes and sizes erected and scattered down a long, narrow kill zone.

Lock ‘n’ Load now also offers laser tag, for those of you who want to shoot at friends, without feeling the sting of a paintball on your rump.

Shootout Zone

For any hardcore paintball fanatics Shootout Zone is a good place to go. They host paintball tournaments as well as other individual games regularly. The outdoor space offers erected barricades and natural protection from the foliage and tree cover. They have a huge variety of games {17 options!} like Capture the Flag {paintball style}, Village Guardians, Hostage Rescue and more.

Water Banks Island Resort

For those of you looking to get out of the Delhi NCR region, but not too far, this is the location for you. The Waterbanks Island Resort is located at Damdama Lake {about 42km from Delhi}. Good idea if you’re planning a short getaway or even a corporate retreat.

The resort actually offers some paintball ‘combat situations’, where teams partake in a specialised mission with specific goals. These include the regular Speedball game, a hostage situation Columbian Counterattack mission, a Jungle Warfare mission, and a Hollywood-style Car and Bunkers shootout level.

Rockshot Paintball Sports

Rockshot has it all, with equipment and dressing up in American-style camo. They have two locations, one in Delhi and one in Noida. Run by a group of paintball enthusiasts, Rockshot aims to provide clients with the best equipment, guns and space to thrive. They offer a bunch of tournaments, for both pros and the uninitiated.