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Need A Smoke? Here's When Your Trusted Vape Will Come In Handy

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    If you’re a smoker and aware of all its {obvious} ill effects, you must have considered switching to vaping to cut down on all the murderous chemicals found in tobacco. For most smokers, stress is their kryptonite, and more often than not, that ends up in them lighting up a ciggy or two. We can’t do much about the stress, but alternatives like vaping can sure help you cheat your way to the same end result.

    While the jury is still out on how much healthier or better vaping really is, it surely is a step in the right direction. Plus, it doesn’t stain your teeth or leave a lingering odour on your clothes, which totally works for us!

    Here are six situations where vaping might just work better for you than a cigarette.

    Job Interviews

    Nothing makes us more nervous and jittery than a job interview, which is the perfect prelude to a calming cigarette. But stepping out to smoke is not a good idea in that situation, as its lingering odour can affect your chances of landing the job, especially if your employer hates smoking.

    Enter vaping! With a vaping device, you do not have to worry about any kind of residual smell, enabling you to put your best foot forward during your interviews and other similar scenarios.

    Family Meals

    Yes, we all love hanging out with our friends, though in most cases the same cannot be said for our relatives {there might be a few exceptions to this rule, we’re sure}. This is especially bad for smokers, as there are way less opportunities to smoke around relatives compared to friends.

    In these relative-related scenarios, a vaping device can be a life saviour. Feel like having a smoke before attending a family lunch? Just whip out your vaping device in the corner and satiate your nicotine craving.

    In Airports

    A lot of people are scared {sometimes secretly} of air travel, and if you are part of that percentage as well as a smoker, a smoke before a flight sounds like a really good idea to calm your nerves. Vaping, in this case, can do a lot to save you the hassle of finding a smoking area. While airports are generally smoke-free zones, using a vaping device is allowed in most.

    While Driving

    When driving with other people, there are times you might want to light up a cigarette but your co-passengers don’t approve. You can try to convince them, but doing that every time you’re in a car and want to smoke can be frustrating. If that’s the case, go for vaping, as it has zero effect on bystanders and doesn’t leave your car smelling like a chimney.

    In No-Smoking Zones

    Because smoking has so many negative side effects for other people, many public spaces like restaurants, theatres and malls are smoke-free zones. The same does not stand true for vaping, as there’s a better chance you’d be allowed to use your vaping device in these spots than light up a cigarette.

    While Working

    The rising mercury automatically reduces our desire to step outside the office for a quick smoke. For times like those, vaping is an ideal solution, as you can do it in the air conditioned comfort of your office.

    So, We're Saying

    There are many places around the world where vaping is constantly gaining mainstream acceptance, and even popularity. Like prolific writer Stephen King once wrote, “In polite society, we call our obsessions hobbies.” This could not be truer for hobbyists, especially vaping enthusiasts who literally live and breathe their passion. With so many celebrities like Katy Perry, Katherine Heigl, Johnny Depp, Robert Pattinson and Leonardo Di Caprio already popularising this trend, it will not be long before vaping is the next big thing.

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