7 Cold Pressed Juice Brands To Get Your Health On

Whatever health tips you’ve been given about staying fit over the years aside, it’s time to give the juice method of life a try. We’re telling you who does it right.


They have five flavours, each directed at a different part of the body. They have names like ‘Skinny Down’ {which is for weight loss, duh} and use ingredients like spinach, green tea and carrots. Unlike ‘commercial’ juices, so to say, all of them are gluten-free and sugar-free, and cold-pressed, so no preservatives either. We wouldn’t call them delicious, but on the health chart, they rank high.

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RAW Juices

Their juices ‘contain nothing but the juice’ as they say. Cold-pressed, fresh and wholesome, they have eight types of juices- from Trim and Shield {weight loss and immunity}, to Glow and Flush {for your skin and to detoxify your body}. Each juice type has four packages, which will determine the quantity of the juice that you get. Best part? They’ll deliver right to your doorstep.

Raw King

They’ve done their research on toxins, and base all their concoctions on a healthier you, sans toxins. They do a range of juices and salads, and provide all sorts of combinations, so you can pick and choose what works for you. We’re looking at the Olympian, with ingredients like pineapple, coconut water and chia seeds, and one of their juice diets.


They come in eight flavours, all designed to make you healthier. For people who find cleanses daunting, they have a one-day cleanse to start you off slow, as well a three-day cleanse, and then a few longer cleanses. Apart from their eight flavours, JustPressed does gluten-free muesli and trail mix as well.


Put together by nutritionists Ishi Khosla and Parul Malhotra, and taste expert Rinku Madan, MyGreens cold-pressed juices are high on credibility. They’re available in three lines: Relish, Goals and Vitals {for general health and taste, goals such as skin glow or weight loss, medical problems such as high BP, respectively}. We’ve tried all three lines were pleasantly surprised by the taste. You can also opt for a general three-day cleanse just to detox. They also have almond and cashew milk for those looking for alternate sources of protein. PS: They deliver throughout Delhi NCR, barring Faridabad.

TBH {To Be Healthy}

They boast of 12 cold-pressed juices under three broad categories: Classics, Relish and Nourish. Their juices are full of pulp {a great way to sneak fibre into your diet} and are packaged in reusable glass bottles. We’re digging the Anar-chy {lots of pomegranate}, the Vedic Twist {pineapple} and the Classic Valencia Orange. TBH delivers across Noida, South Delhi, East Delhi and central Delhi, and Indirapuram.

Salad Days

In addition to fresh salads and bread, Salad Days has also launched its own brand of cold-pressed juices. Available in five flavours, they’re named after colours: Red, Yellow, Crimson, Green and Black. Read the labels for full deets on what goes inside what and take an informed decision. Black is a concoction involving charcoal, kafir lime and honey and helps in purifying the blood.