Awesome Twosomes: 7 #Selfmade Entrepreneurial Duos You Ought To Know

#Selfmade - Putting the spotlight on interesting people, ace entrepreneurs and awesome, local businesses. After three successful editions, featuring 27 kickass creative individuals - we're now excited to introduce our duos edition πŸŽ‰ Here are 7 entrepreneurial couples/siblings/friends that are loved and celebrated locally for the things they do: 

Karan Sahani And Mitali Sahani

Who They Are: Co-Founders, The Bombaykery: One of Delhi's most well-loved bakeries, known for its sugary treats and savoury. If you've got a sweet tooth, you have to try their Nutella Sea Salt cookies, sinful cakes, dessert bowls, dessert jars, croissants, macarons, brownies, cookies, fudge and so much more! 

What They Like To Wear: Mitali's style is vintage and chic, Karan's more hipster πŸ‘― Think comfortable everyday dresses paired with some statement footwear (for her) and a well-fitted shirt with a pair of cargo pants (for him). 

Martina and Rita Wu

Who They Are: Co-Founders, Martina WU Salon: Proving that old really is gold - this salon in Malviya Nagar is everyone's go-to place for any and every hair-cut, style or colour πŸ’‡πŸ» And their spas? Sure to de-stress you! 

What They Like To Wear: All things trendy, fashion-forward and sophisticated. While their overall style is prim and 'proper - there's always room for a chic accessory. If we had to put it in one sentence: they do it with passion or not at all πŸ‘―

Akriti and Ankit Malhotra

Who They Are: Co-Founders, AKU's - The Brrgrr Co - Your one-stop destination for sumptuous, juicy, succulent veg and non-veg burgers. Oh and shakes, fries and ace jazz music too πŸ˜‹

What They Like To Wear: Akriti likes to keep it real, and when it comes to dressing - that's still a fact. Think smart casuals - a basic t-shirt, well tapered jeans and a statement jacket. Ankit is mostly found dressed crisp and accessorised with Japanese stationery - not too different from his favourite burger. 

Sonal and Vatsala Jain

Who They Are: Co-Founders, Baked Love By Vatsala: Bright and memorable, decadent and dark, or light and airy, there's a Baked Love cake for every mood and occasion. Made fresh from scratch using natural ingredients. 

What They Like To Wear: These boss ladies have a rather comfortable and versatile 9 to 9 wardrobe - clothes that can they run around in but also rock at a dinner party post work. 

Anand Virmani and Aparajita Ninan

Who They Are: Co-Founders, Greater Than: If you thought your Gin could not get any Greater, they'll make you think again! They're the first Gin brand distilled out of India, and are known for their craft Gin made using the best botanicals from around the world. 

What They Like To Wear: With almost no time to spare thinking about their OOTDs, Anand and Aparajita choose casual, comfortable yet statement clothing above all. Think lose-fitting dresses with a classic trench coat (for her) and a traditional everyday shirt with formal pants and chappals (for him). 

Rashi and Samarth Narang

Who They Are: Co-Founders, Heads Up For Tails: A place that's nothing less than paradise for you and your four-legged furry friends 🐢 A beautifully designed pet-friendly store, that offers some awesome (pawsome) products like dog collars, beds, blankets, clothes and other adorable stuff. 

What They Like To Wear: Rashi and Samarth and always well-dressed and poised to take on every room they enter. A bespoke, elegant dress or immaculately styled outfit (for her)  and a blazer, shirt and formal trousers (for him). 

Tanvi Agarwal and Brij Bhushan Garg

Who They Are: Co-Founders, House Of Ekam: A tradition inspired global living home decor boutique, committed to bring exclusive hand made products like cotton quilts, cotton rugs, cushion covers etc. to accentuate the interiors of your home. 

What They Like To Wear: Tanvi and Brij have as busy a routine as is imaginable to the human body - with a little baby and a not-so little business to take care of, they usually opt for on-trend prints, flattering silhouettes and versatile clothes that never go out of fashion.