Bungee Jumping, Paragliding Or Hot Air Balloons: Here Are 9 Places For Adventure Sports Near Delhi

    Going beyond the usual white-water river rafting in Rishikesh, this list is for when the need for thrill strikes. We do recommend cliff jumping and bungee jumping at Rishikesh, only if you’re going that way, though. If not, here are some other spots near Delhi, and we promise an adrenaline rush.

    Dune Bashing In Jaisalmer

    Put a 4×4 and the sandy delights of Jaisalmer in the same spot, and you can experience the thrills of bashing through sand dunes {FYI you can also ride quad bikes}. The newest desert safari import from Dubai that has all of us raving, there are lots of adventure companies who provide complete dune-bashing facilities and tour packages.

    Distance from Delhi: 760 kms

    Price: INR 2,000 upwards

    Time Taken: Usually the whole day

    Rappelling At Shimla

    Rock-climbing and rappelling are among the most popular adventure sports that Delhites go in for. We recommend that you try this in Shimla, with tiny waterfalls all over the place for the ultimate water rappelling experience, Shoghi Resorts being the most well-known place to organise them. You can trust their equipment a 100 per cent, and descend that rock face like a baws.

    Distance from Delhi: 350 kms

    Price: In accordance with room rent

    Time Taken: Whole day activity

    Find out more here.

    Ziplining At Neemrana

    Overlooking the royal Neemrana Fort, there are five zips that criss-cross each other and get you high {literally}. Zips span from 90 mtrs to 400 mtrs and have varied characteristics; some are short and fast, whereas some overlook the grand Aravalli mountains. If you’re looking for the rush of height and pace with an edge of a bird’s eye view, then this is your answer.

    Distance from Delhi: 140 kms

    Price: INR 2,000 upwards

    Time Taken: 2 to 2.5 hours per zipline tour

    Find out more here.

    Zorbing At Dhauj

    Camp Wild at Dhauj organises Zorbing and is a literally the closest adventure activity you can pick up around the city. Weekend or even day trips to Dhauj are a great idea because of the beautiful rocks surrounding the area, where you can also try a couple of other things like rock-climbing and rappelling.

    PS: Their obstacle course is also wildly fun.

    Distance from Delhi: 40 kms

    Price: On request

    Time Taken: 1 hour

    Find more here.

    Paragliding At Naukuchiatal

    A recreational as well as a competitive sport, paragliding has many takers in the world of adventure. A small foot-launched aircraft that soars over hills and valleys, the device is subject to availability, so do make a call before you start packing. The best time to visit is from March to June and October to December. You can also try your hand at parasailing and other adventure activities while you’re in the area.

    PS: You can be a maximum of 80 kgs to participate.

    Distance from Delhi: 310 kms

    Price: INR 1,500 upwards

    Time Taken: 10 mins to 45 mins

    Find out more here.

    Paramotoring And Air Safari In Corbett

    Lots of paragliding and air safari companies like Flyboy have paramotoring equipment and organise expeditions across north India. In fact, you can try this in Sohna, Gurgaon and Faridabad, too, but we insist that you fly over India’s oldest national park and catch a glimpse of the elusive Royal Bengal Tiger if you’re going for it. You’ll have a pilot along with you handling all the technical stuff, so just sit back and enjoy the ride.

    Distance from Delhi: 240 kms

    Price: INR 3,400 upwards

    Time Taken: 6 – 8 mins

    Find out more here.

    Hot Air Balloon Rides In Sohna

    If you want to stay in the city and yet do something exciting, hot-air-balloon rides would be a good call. You can make it a full-family activity since the carrier can hold four people together and there aren’t any age restrictions.  There are lots of companies to choose from, and they all have some deals on packages going. 5,000 ft above ground, we recommend going to some place with forests or hills to enjoy the view; Neemrana or Sohna would be a good spot near the city.

    Distance from Delhi: 70 kms

    Price: INR 9,000 upwards

    Time Taken: One hour

    Skydiving In Aligarh

    Jump out of a plane with experienced trainers at Sky High. You can now skydive just a few hours away from Delhi with this agency. They offer four types of tandem jumps, and allow anyone between 18 and 60 to participate. All you need is an hour’s training, a set of comfortable clothing and some gumption.

    Distance from Delhi: 141 kms

    Price: Starting at INR 26,500 for a tandem jump, with camera {+ taxes}; get full prices here

    Time Taken: 1.5 hours {including training}

    Find out more here.

    Paragliding in Bir, Billing

    Picturesque with vast, green fields, Bir is the hub for paragliding aficionados. You’ll find tiny humans floating through the air and near the landing sites, which makes for a spectacular view. Do prepare yourself beforehand, though, the miracle of flight does come with a few pre-flight jitters as it does with the abundant thrill.

    Distance from Delhi: 530 kms

    Price: On request

    Time Taken: 10 mins to 1 hour

    Find out more here.