Want To Master Yoga? Check Out Apurvaa Yoga In Pitampura

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What Makes It Awesome

Apurvaa Saxena teaches aerobics and pilates in Pitampura but it is her ashtanga and hatha yoga that she’s known for. She started off as a jazz dancer with Ashley Lobo but in 2009-10 she began to learn yoga professionally from the Yoga Guru academy. By the time she was 24, she started teaching full-time and opened her own yoga studio.

Apart from ashtanga and hatha yoga, her specialty is Yoga Dance—wherein she combines jazz with yoga—as well as Flow Hatha yoga. She also teaches full-blown yoga courses, for beginners and non-beginners alike.

She teaches out of Fitness Groove (a studio in north Delhi) and conducts her own classes, usually two-three classes a day. Check out her Facebook page to stay updated on the batches and class timings, since there are usually only 11 people or so per batch.


Since we're on lockdown right now, she's conducting live yoga classes on her Instagram handle (@apurvaa_yoga) and we think that is really admirable. Do check those out.