Hit Up This Space Decorator & Go Swanky With Your Space

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What Makes It Awesome

Experiential interior designer, as she designates herself, Drishty Vaswani is a space visualiser and she mostly connects people to spaces, before doing it up for them. That’s why you see different shades and styles at different bars and workplaces she’s done up so elegantly. 

She started with food design projects and has taken over spaces like Def Col Social (designed the space while working with Impresario), Smoke House Deli where she hand drew the walls and conceptualized the space while working with Impresario, wall installations for I Say organic store and Truly Madly office space, PDA & Paparazzi (which is her baby completely) and now Drishty Vaswani's doing homes. 

What we love about her work is that she designs her layouts in a very homely fashion while adding a lot of colour to it. Her office spaces are mostly installation-based and you’ll find some very creative arty things she’s done up for walls or the space in general. Be it your local watering hole or an office, Drishty Vaswani has left her creative mark in all these spaces and we definitely recommend giving her a shoutout if you’re looking to be a bit more creative with your space.