This Hair Care Brand Will Be A BFF For Your Curls And Waves!

Calling out all curly-haired women! If you’re looking forward to ditching the over-wrought styling routines for the health of your hair, you’ll like what comes next! 

‘Fix My Curls’ is a natural hair-care brand specially crafted for Indian hair, especially the curly kind. We absolutely love that more and more Indian women have started feeling liberated in their own identities and have taken to their curly-wavy hair! Here is why ‘Fix My Curls’ is an absolute essential that helps fight these 5 causes that make your hair frizzy and dull.

Excessive Chemicals In Hair Products

Most hair-care products for curly/wavy hair come with added sulfates and glycols that give them an instant shine but end up affecting their quality. While our curls might get that bounce right after the wash, they can fade away upsettingly just moments later, leaving your hair coarse and damaged! 

#LBBTip: Switch to the hair-care regimen from ‘Fix My Curls’ that is not only free of chemicals but also gives your hair the natural TLC they need! Comprising of a cleansing shampoo, moisturizing shampoo, conditioner, hair cream, and hair-gel; this brand is the organic fix we need for healthy hair inside-out! 

Exposure To Sunlight

Imported hair products are just a myth for curly-haired Indian women! The tropical Indian weather leaves the hair dry and dull with zero protection. No matter how much we spend on branded products, stepping out of the home and being in the sun for just fifteen minutes reverses the job!

#LBBTip: The products by ‘Fix My Curls’ are specially crafted for the Indian weather. A fuss-free regime that leaves you free of carrying around extra products like serums! The cherry-on-top natural elements of the products protect your locks from the harsh sun and keep them healthy for your evening affairs. Voila!

Styling Your Hair Too Often

We all have bad hair days, but none are as bad as what curly-haired girls have to face! We all tend to escape the facade of curly frizz with heat and styling accessories. Straightening and curling ends up being the only option. When all else fails we have, of course, resorted to tying up our beautiful locks in tight buns or simply hiding them behind hair accessories.

LBBTip: The ‘Fix My Curls’ products rescue us from using these styling weapons and make our hair healthy, bouncy, shiny from within. Whether you sleep over damp hair or wash it during the morning, this 5 product regime will keep your hair looking, and feeling great for days, without having to wash them all over again! No heat included either!

Beauty Over Health

While we girls love to experiment with bold and beautiful hair colors for a transformation, it is a no-brainer that bleach dries our curly hair and makes them unhealthy faster than anything else. While choosing to cover our gray hair or bringing a change is not the problem, switching to natural hair colors (like henna) ensures longer-lasting benefits.

LBBTip: If you have already undergone a color hair therapy, condition thoroughly with the ‘Mellow Conditioner’ from ‘Fix My Curls’ once a week and you'll find your hair feeling way silkier. It has eight natural oils that ensure growth and nourishment your hair and keep them moisturized all at once. 

Breakage & Hair Fall

A common foe for all us curly or wavy-haired women out here is an immense amount of breakage and hair fall. Brushing our hair when dry or using cotton pillow covers is a complete no-no! 

LBBTip: Products from ‘Fix My Curls’ are specially crafted with gentleness and care for your tender hair follicles. They reduce breakage and result in stronger hair. Their ‘Glaze’ hair defining gel creates the perfect cast to keep your curls locked, coily, and defined, even if you can't ditch the cotton pillow!

So, We’re Saying…

‘Fix My Curls’ hair products are the go-to solution to all your curly and wavy hair issues. They are paraben-free, cruelty-free, dermatologically tested, and curly-girl friendly. A complete pit-stop to all your swirly fantasies and retro hair goals. Check them out on Instagram now!