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    Snail Sheet Masks & Pimple Patches: Try Beauty Barn India For Amazing Korean Skincare

    Harshita posted on 16 April


    Korean skincare is all the rage, and boy are we glad that Beauty Barn, one of the beauty brands that provides epic Korean skincare products, is now in India. Read on to know all about Beauty Barn.

    What Makes It Awesome

    If you’re a total skin nerd (or not, but are just looking to up your skincare game), and dream of body lotions, polishes and hydration serums often, then the mere existence of Beauty Barn India will make you very happy. So, let us introduce you to the brand that’s responsible for the immense infiltration of Korean skincare in India. 

    If you’re looking to invest in products that hydrate your skin and improve its overall quality, you’d love the Hyaluronic Acid Hydra Power Essence by COSRX and the Moistfull Collagen Essence by Etudehouse which consists of 78.5% collagen. It's especially great if you’re looking to protect your skin from the dehydration that occurs as a bi-product of growing older. If you’re looking to try out sheet-masks, Beauty Barn has a good few that you can choose from!

    This brand has got everything that will lead you to your 'glass skin.' So, don't shy away from going on their web-page and giving it a look.

    What Could Be Better

    It would be great if they had walk-in stores in other cities. At the moment, they only have a store in Dimapur (Nagaland).  


    Give the Bywishtrend Acid-Duo 2% Mild Gel Cleanser a go.

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    Cosmetics Stores

    Beauty Barn

    Cosmetics Stores

    Beauty Barn