Score These UNBELIEVABLE Deals At The LBB X Paytm: Big Indian Brand Sale

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The LBB X Paytm: Big Indian Brand Salen has got all of us downloading the Paytm app, and freely shopping. Why? Because it features some of the BEST Indian brands at the moment at amazing rates, and there's something for everyone. Be it Gourmet Food & Drinks you want for your pantry, new Home Decor to prep for the festive season, or maybe some new trend from the Bath & Beauty or Fashion worlds, you can shop to your heart's content because everyone is talking about these brands and what they have to offer! With up to 50% many of these are available for a steal! Here are some brands we're definitely buying from:

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Aara Designs At 40% Off

With prices starting at an easy INR 200 for pearl drop earrings, and INR 400 for more elaborate solid stone hoops, and then a 40% discount, you must shop from Aara Designs. What is interesting about this brand is that they hardly make two of the same kind, so each design is almost unique to itself. Check out the bead necklaces that are versatile enough for ethnic outfits and that LBD. For something more dressy, look for their Victorian sets, Jaipuri necklaces and Maharani collection. 

AllMyCraft At 40% Off

Crafted by rural artisans, Allmycraft has super cool typographic embossed leather products. Be it folders or purses, these designs are not only cool, but functional too. In fact, this is one brand that really makes purses that fit the modern-day smartphone. Ladies, this one's for you! Check out the laptop bags and masks too!

BugShield Clothing At 40% Off

Yes, you read right. This is literally bug-shield clothing which means you don't need to be carrying around Odomos or mosquito-repellent agarbatti everywhere you go. Lightweight and thankfully not smoky like those horrid coils, they have casual wear, workwear, seasonal wear, and accessories. We love the mosquito-repellant wraps/scarves the most though! 

Polka Pop At 40% Off

Polka Pop

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Looking to really live it up this party season, but also count calories and stay healthy? Fear not! Polka Pop will sort your drinks out with their naturally flavoured sparkling water which are meant to have no sugar, and are zero calorie drinks. Pick from Peach Polka Pop, Cranberry Polka Pop, Orange Polka Pop and Lemon-Lime Polka Pop. A top favourite is the Lemon-Lime that is really refreshing, with the cranberry one a close second. Especially if you are mixing in alcohol. Peach Pop is a bit sweet and the Orange one is ideal to just drink straight out of the bottle! 

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ECHT BEAUTI at 50% Off

Echt Beauti

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If you’ve ever complained about high-quality, clean beauty products being expensive, then we have great news! Everything from Echt Beauti is at a flat 50% off. Instead of paying INR 850 for their Terrific Toffee pot lipstick, you’ll only pay INR 425 (so you can try even more shades!). Apart from being made for the multitudes of beautiful Indian skin tones, Echt Beauti’s products also have SPF in them! The brand is clean, conscious, and thoughtful. Just take our money now! 



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Nothing like traditional flavours in snacks to hit the spot when it comes to satisfying your cravings. Check out FoodCloud for their traditional snacks and munchies, and some not-so-traditional ones too. In fact, FoodCloud will have options to stock your entire pantry, from chikki and chilli garlic paste to moong daal twisties and caramel popcorn. With prices starting at INR 100, it would be almost criminal to not pick up enough for your whole household! Tell them it was at 50% off and everyone will be happy. 

Cherry On A Take at 50% Off

Dessert lovers! Think of the sweetest treat you can, and imagine it gets sweeter because you can get goodies from Cherry On A Take (AKA Dessic) at flat 50% off! Be it Strawberry Tea Cakes, decadent Oreo Brownies, or Thandai cookies, you can get it at half the price. Don’t worry if you’re looking out for your health because the sourced ingredients are organic, and have plenty of options that are keto-friendly, vegan, and gluten-free. DIYers, they have brownie mixes and Thandai powders, and hot chocolate pre-mixes (even a diabetic-friendly one) too.

Indian Strings at 50% Off

Indian Strings

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It’s a good thing that the Paytm sale is on till November 10, because ladies, you can get your entire festive ensemble sorted with Indian Strings. From quirky earrings (we love the tea kettle danglers) to gorgeous handpainted and woven sarees of cotton, mulmul, linen and even Banarasi (cotton) they have got you covered. And at 50% off we’ll match more than one accessory set to a saree! 

Daisie at 50% Off


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There’s no such thing as too many shoes, so feel free to add a pair or few from Daisie. Comfortable, on-trend, and somehow able to match all our looks, their sliders have us wanting them all! Be it the jelly strap trend, the animal print trend, or the beaded trend, Daisie is on it! Prices are at INR 1100, but with this sweet 50% off sale, there’s really no need to hold back on your purchases. There’s surely a look that Daisie’s sliders will elevate. 

Born-Reborn at 50% Off

Born Reborn

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Born-Reborn has reinvented the snacking wheel with their range of superfood and healthy ingredient charged snacks. No really - tomato flavoured Ragi Waves, quinoa Choco Puffs, chilli Jowar Puffs - you have to taste it to believe it! So snackmasters, Born-Reborn comes as a breath of fresh air if you’re looking for healthy snacks that taste great. At 50% off on their range, freely order double of what you would normally!

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BioBlush at 30% Off


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Sensitive skin but cannot forgo skincare? Or do you follow a low-maintenance routine? Try BioBlush - their coffee face masks, oats cleansers and body butters and jellies are easy to use, work on any skin type and, duh from the ingredients, you already know are all-natural. Pick a combo of bath and skincare products right away, while they're still on discount.

Brotos At 30% Off

Snacking all day isn't very good for the waistline, you obviously knew that but what you don't know is that you can swap out unhealthy snacks for instant sprouts! Brotos have a variety of dried sprout mixes - chana, masoor, moong and mixed that can be prepared in a matter of minutes. Since they're dehydrated, they also keep for six months. We say buy in bulk now these yummies are available at slashed prices.

String Works At 30% Off

String Works

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A little bit of whimsy and a whole lot of colour will come your way and room specifically, once you shop for these super pretty and handmade dreamcatchers from String Works. Available in options of feathered, crocheted, beadwork, or intricate 'string work', you will definitely land something suited to your taste and aesthetic. 

Three Sisters Organics At 30% Off

Self-care comes first but honestly, we wait for a sale to stock and restock our stash. Lucky for us, Three Sisters Organics and their range of organic skincare and haircare products are on a flat 30% discount. We recommend them even for a first time use too because all their formulas are preservative, fragrance and colour free. Definitely get the walnut, sandalwood and saffron scrub for a quick exfoliation and the avocado oil for non-sticky champi sesh.

Frootcraft At 30% Off

Leave boring breakfasts and lunches way behind with the chutneys and jams from Frootcraft. Enjoy every flavour - tangy, sweet, spicy and zesty with their kiwi, strawberry, tomato, pineapple, beetroot pickles. These pickles are made in small batches and are 100% preservative-free too. You must at least buy and try the usual flavours now that the brand is on sale.

Plattered At 30% Off


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For those who don't fully know their way around the kitchen, especially when it comes to baking, Plattered has you covered. They have a range of tasty, easy, and ready-to-bake desserts mixes that will leave you feeling like you are Heston Blumenthal. These pre-mixes are premeasured, and you can bake anything from vegan brownies to banana bread. The best part is all these products are at 30%off.

Greenbrrew At 30% Off


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Greenbrrew is touted to be India's first instant green coffee brand that uses 100% unroasted, organic Arabica beans to make their flavoured coffee such as Lemon, Dark Chocolate, Hazelnut, and Tulsi. Our favourite is the Ethiopia one, which is a blend of a green apple and cinnamon flavoured instant coffee. They also have a cappuccino. You can get Greenbrrew's instant coffee range at 30% off.  

Harkoi At 30% Off


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Harkoi is a clean beauty brand that does a range of nail paint in colours such as  Purple Grey Evening, Muted Coral, Succulent Green, Steel Blue and Baby Pink. You can pick these lovely shades of nail serums at 30 % off. 

Phulo Phalo At 30% Off

Phulo Phalo

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Phulo Phalo is a brand that does a range of homemade spice blends, pickles, dry nuts, and condiments that follow traditional recipes and age-old cooking methods. Our favourites are the pickles and spice blends such as garam masala. You can get their products at 30 % off. 

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