Creating A New Outfit From Scratch? Drop By This Store For All Kinds Of Fabric

Shahpur Jat, Delhi

What Makes It Awesome

Saheb SF is a fabric store in Shahpur Jat which can cater to all your fabric needs. From good quality velvet and lycra to brocades and net, they have it all. The rates are pretty standard too. To give you an idea, the starting price for velvet is INR 250, for lycra it is INR 180 and for brocade it is INR 150. 

If a wedding is coming up, we suggest keeping a design in mind and making a pit stop at this store to stock up on all the fabric you'd need. There's a dyeing shop nearby too, in case you need to get that done. Also, head to this experienced tailor near Sahed SF who can be trusted to make killer outfits. 

What Could Be Better

This may just have been my personal experience, but the staff at the store was a tad curt. 

Shahpur Jat, Delhi