Savorworks Coffee Roasters’ Artisanal Brews Leave Nothing To Chance!

    What Makes it Awesome?

    Are you a fan of fresh brews so rich that you can almost sniff your way back to its origin? Well, get ready to ‘savor’ one of the finest in town with Savorworks Coffee Roasters, whose coffee beans can be traced back all the way to the person who harvested them - literally!

    The brand’s motto is to foster close and lasting relationships with people who share a common love for coffee. It is perhaps for this reason that they roast twice a week- so that only the freshest of the fresh get delivered to the customers.

    The range of products include ‘ Fruits Bomb’, an Anaerobic Fermented brew that is a perfect commix of fruits; their very own house blend that is our personal go-to for safe coffee, ‘Boss’s Wife’- an espresso that is sweet yet complex! Other ‘savorable’ options include ‘Opera Cold Brew Blend’, ‘Riverdale Estates’ and ‘Honey I’m Nuts’- all offering something unique for every coffee lover out there. Their dedication to delivering an aromatic and fresh brew with every order has driven them towards excellent packaging that retains freshness for longer.


    ‘Honey I’m Nuts’ has us going nuts during this lockdown! This must-try coffee is honey-processed for over 36 hours and slow dried for over 21 days to further enrich its silky and bold body!