History, Architecture & More: Know Everything About The Beauty Of Siri Fort

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What Makes It Awesome

Situated between Hauz Khas and Mehrauli, Siri Fort was built during the reign of Alauddin Khilji and the fort was said to be a part of the city of Siri (which was second of seven cities built in Medieval Delhi). As per history, the city was built in order to protect the empire from the Mongols' attack and after the war took place, around eight thousand Mongol soldiers were buried in the ground of the city. However, as of today, you would only be able to find ruins but the beauty of the traces attracts people.

The city of Siri took around 70,000 soldiers to construct and it has seven entrance and exit gates (of which only one remains). You'll notice white marble flooring and gates that are beautified with precious stones.

Also, adjacent to Siri Fort is the Siri Fort Sports Complex that was built in the year 1982. It offers facilities for sports like basketball, tennis, badminton, cricket, hockey, table tennis, squash, football, golf, swimming, shooting, running, and more. The complex has clean and hygienic changing rooms and washrooms and ample parking space is also available.

Situated in Siri Fort, is the Siri Fort Auditorium that is amongst the best auditoriums in Delhi and is known for hosting well-known play screenings, live performances, cultural performances, and more.


Ideally, winter is the best time to visit the fort (if you want to avoid the scorching heat). Also, make sure to wear comfortable footwear as you'll have to walk a lot to discover the fort. If you are wondering how to reach, Hauz Khas metro station located on the yellow and magenta line is the closest to the fort. 

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