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Beach Please! Check Out This Goan Beach That Legit Glows In The Dark #GetLost

    Betalbatim, Goa

    What Did I Like?

    We noticed a bright light on the waves and it looked like the moon reflecting on the white waves and ignored it the first time. But I saw it again. There was something lighting up the waves with a shade of blue every time a couple of waves hit the beach sand. I was in awestruck when I realised what it was - the bioluminescence! And I was seeing it on a South Goan beach. People travel as far as South America to witness these beautiful natural phenomena. Betalbatim beach looked nothing less than a paradise. With every strong wave came blue light. When we ran on the beach, the sand underneath glowed.

    How Much Did It Cost?

    Under INR 500

    Best To Go With?

    Family, Kids, Pets, Bae, and Big Group.
      Betalbatim, Goa