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A Coffee Roast For Each Of Your Moods, We Love This Brand’s Distinct Blends!

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Fresh Brew Co.

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What Makes It Awesome

Like to savour your coffee the artisanal way? To sip or not to sip is no more a question when it comes to Fresh Brew Co’s quintessential coffee roasts. A strong shot of espresso to begin your day? A pour-over coffee on the go? Whatever your mood, they’ve got something! To top it off, their coffee capsules are Nespresso compatible and compostable so enjoy a guilt-free brew!

Started by a team of coffee enthusiasts who want people to enjoy the finest and freshest coffee there is to offer, Fresh Brew Co aims to pour delicious Indian coffee in the cups of every coffee lover. It’s become our favourite because they’ve legit got coffee for everyone! If you’re someone who likes their coffee mild go for the Monsooned Malabar which has a distinct earthy aroma and malty notes. And, if your morning cup of coffee should be hot and strong, pick up their ‘Noor’ coffee roast which is a blend of Arabica and Robusta beans. Their extensive collection also includes unique flavours like, ‘Dasha’ which is a favourite when it comes to espresso lovers, ‘Anagh’ which has notes of toffee caramel and a mild aftertaste of bitter lemon and ‘Javas’ which has a certain berry fruitiness. You can also stock up on classic flavours like Hazelnut, Irish Cream and Caramel!

They also have pour-over coffee bags that are available in five different variants of flavours which are extremely easy to use! Pour some hot water and brew your cup of artisanal coffee! So pamper yourself with their exquisite flavours and order them right here on LBB shop! Keep a check on their Instagram for more updates.


If you’re someone who likes to have their coffee on the go, you’re in luck. Their pour-over bags are extremely compact and carry eleven grams of freshly roasted coffee which make it very easy to store them and have it anytime! So have your coffee by your side wherever you go next time.