Ten-Second Takeaway

If you’re unfamiliar with Raahgiri, it’s a campaign {started in 2013} that replaces cars on the road with activities like yoga, jogging, dance classes, cross fit, roller skating, aerobics, cycling, badminton and volleyball every Sunday morning.

Boss of the road

That’s what Raahgiri translates to. And that’s exactly how you feel when you head to CP in the wee hours of the morning. A refreshing change from cramped parks, pedestrians and bikes dodging traffic, Raahgiri is bringing street back; and the cars have no choice but to call it a {Sun}day.

Take your pick

Let your imagination {and yourself} run wild. Raahgiri gives you the platform to do anything {almost} you like from yoga, aerobics, cycling, playing the drums or even dancing. You can bring all your boys and girls to the yard or join someone else’s existing group. Recently, the gathering celebrated Durga Puja with lots of rangoli.

Here’s a look-see into what it looks like when thousands of Gurgaon and Dilliwaalas assemble in the heart of Delhi to cycle, jog, squat or even dance their way through an active Sunday morning.


Images Courtesy: Lavanya Grover

Where: Connaught Place, Gurgaon and Dwarka

Price: Free

Timings: Every Sunday, 6am onwards {schedules and locations are subject to change every week}

For a detailed weekly schedule, visit their website here  and find them on Facebook here.