In a city like Delhi that’s been built, destroyed, and rebuilt several times over the centuries, things are always changing. But amidst all the crazy new things popping up, there are always a handful of places that you can never let go of—where so many of your sentiments, memories, and feelings may lie.

This is exactly what our friends at Chumbak are doing for Valentine’s Day—reliving {and re-lovin’} our favourite places in the city that we associate with love. How? By getting you to share your favourite spots in the city {that take you back to that one  special memory or person} with #ChumbakReLove on Instagram.

With that in mind, we simply couldn’t resist pitching in with our five picks for places to go to on a date in the city with your sweetie—the old school way!


Hello, hot chocolate fudge! This place brings back so many memories. No matter where you and your pumpkin {or whatever mushy name you like} are heading to for dinner, save some space for this. Oh, and ask for extra nuts. And hot chocolate sauce. And then a second serving.

Where: K-14, Outer Circle, Connaught Place

Nearest Metro Station: Rajiv Chowk

Contact: 011 41230404

Price: INR 600 for two {approx.}

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The Big Chill Café

IMG_7421Restaurants, big or small, may come and go, but Big Chill remains the one constant favourite for us Dilliwalas, without fail. We suggest you pick up your date from their place, old school style {or get picked up}, head over to Big Chill and ask for the same things you used to order years ago— for us it would be the Baked Penne with Chicken and Mozarella, Chocolate Double Decadence, and the Malted Banana Oreo Shake! How about you?

Where: 49, Khan Market

Nearest Metro Station: Khan Market

Contact: 011 41757588

Price: INR 1,500 for two {approx.}

 Priya Complex

Take a walk down to Priya’s and head over to all the places you’d be chillin’ at back in the day. Catch a movie at PVR, grab a quick bite at Mc Donald’s, and then make your way to TC for a few rounds of drinks. If you’re in the mood for an extra bit of throwback {warning: This one’s on the shadier side}, there’s always RPM!

Where: Basant Lok, Vasant Vihar

Nearest Metro Station: Hauz Khas

India Habitat Centre

india habitatThe All American Diner, the amphitheatre, the auditorium, Eatopia—there’s plenty at IHC to take you back to those simpler {and may we add better?} days. Also, there’s 50% off on baked goods at Eatopia after 8pm, if you’re running low on cash.

Where: Lodhi Road

Nearest Metro Station: JLN Stadium

Contact: 011 24682002

Find out more here.

India Gate

So you’ve watched a movie, had your dinner, and given yourself diabetes with that fudge—it’s time to head home. There’s one more pit stop though. Put on some music, drive around the gorgeously lit India Gate, and then halt near an ice-cream thela for a few more minutes of togetherness. Want a final wash of nostalgia before the night ends? We have two words for you: Lovely Chuski.

Where: Rajpath

Nearest Metro Station: Khan Market

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