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A Lost Lake, A Hidden Temple And A Luxury Eco-Resort, All This Only 20-Minutes Away From G-Town!

    What Makes It Awesome

    Firstly this resort is a 20-minute drive from Gurgaon and it's an eco-resort at that! It's hard to believe how you can be in the lap of nature this close to a full blown metropolis! The Aravali's are spectacular and so is the resort. Built as single level inked houses, each unit is private yet very much a part of the topography and furnished with all the amenities a resort ought to have! The food is global with ingredients sourced from local farmers and the ambiance is best described as village chic. The marvellous part has got to be the view when you wake up and draw the curtains and the first thought is likely to be, how could you be this close to the city and yet so far away from it!

    What Could Be Better?

    I would've loved a tub in the bathroom, considering the view but it's such a warm and cozy resort that it's hard to find anything that could be better! Staff is super friendly and time seems to slow down!

    What's My Pro Tip?

    That’s just your abode for your stay, it’s the way the resort lets you explore the countryside that adds true value to the experience. The trudge to the Mangar Lake is nothing short of spectacular, also a great way to employ local youth, who are more than happy to see you stand in awe at what you imagined as just another lake and experienced as a large body of water sprung from the earth. Vast and deep, the trek takes close to an hour, through the forest, with a tour guide and a resort representative who carries umbrellas, towels, and refreshments. Spend the next day exploring further. There is a temple of a local Baba, a small, nondescript structure that could double as a scene from a horror flick if it didn't be the soothing coos of the peacocks, flocks of them, everywhere. Up over what feels like a hundred stone steps, sits a man tending to a ‘havan’ fire, the aroma of incense and ghee hangs heavy in the air, creating an atmosphere that would make an atheist, pray. Take time to absorb the way nature envelopes this sanctuary and if the peacocks stop coming, it almost like you can hear chanting in the distance. The Lalit staff take pride in their village and have a plethora of stories to share while you explore, taking you through the bylanes of the village they beam with pride at the sheer simplicity of life. They have a jewellery museum tucked away too, because what is the countryside without local crafts and it is ultimate, sustainable sources of employment that let such hamlets survive.

    Anything Else?

    Add a touch of magic to the holiday, with star gazing at the resort, equipped with a relatively high-powered telescope and Rajinder, an astronomy enthusiast, seeing Jupiter and its moons, they’re 63 we’re told and on good days you can see 4 of them and Saturn with its rings, just like your science books but in real life and feel like a child again. Finish your day with local performers and a puppet show and look up once more, just to marvel at how many stars our sky has when they’re none to see in the city!