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Himachal Pradesh's Best Kept Secret: Experience A Perfect Weekend Getaway At Tirthan Valley In Nagini

    What Makes It Awesome

    How often do you wake up in the night and go outside and get to feel a cool breeze going past your hair or maybe watch the river flow by silently? Or listen to the sound of birds chirping here and there or witness constellations on the night sky? I guess this is something which the Metropolitan folks aren't used to, but at Tirthan Valley, one can experience all of this. When you reach this valley, it will instantly help you lift your mood and spirit to combat all the exhaustion, fatigue, stress and frustration that were piled up. The sweet flowery smell of the meadows, the beautiful silence of the solitude, the eye-captivating clouds below you is what all makes this valley so obsessive.

    What's My Pro Tip?

    This cottage is located in one of the most beautiful and isolated place in the Himalayas which is in the buffer zone of Great Himalayan National Park, a UNESCO site. The place doesn’t have any fancy hotels, just these home stays in beautiful and sweet cottages owned and operated by the local people. You will love walking through the rugged woods which leads to a couple of beautiful waterfalls. The part about these waterfalls is that they remain practically untouched by human beings.

    Anything Else?

    If you are looking for solitude in the wild, head to this tranquil valley and disappear from the urban world. Nestled far away from the city rush, this beautiful place doesn’t even get decent mobile signals most of the times. That’s what I call a perfect solitary weekend getaway. So, book your stay here right away. Call on {+91 86268 06145} for any other details.