Ten-Second Takeaway

One of the many non-commercial, boutique stores in Meherchand Market, Karigiri has us fawning over its exquisite collection of antiques as well as some gorgeous new furniture.

House Of Collectibles


One of the very first things the Director of Karigiri, Charu Vadhera, steered us towards at the store was the Naga Pounder—a 90-year-old rice pounding device that had been carved by Naga tribesmen from a single piece of wood. We followed her around the store thereon, wide-eyed, as she introduced us to other similar treasures. Of them, our favourite, perhaps, was the Naga bed: A low single-bed {also carved out of a single piece of wood} with buffalo and boar heads carved on either side, which signified the number killed by the Naga hunter who’d built the bed. The one we saw had 14 heads.

Other impressive antiques included a giant mirror, the frame of which used to be the door to a temple in the Amravati district {located between Gujarat and Maharashtra} more than a century ago, and a horse showpiece from the Mughal era.

Distressed Is The New Black


There’s more to Karigiri than just the antique collectibles. Their workshop is based in Neemrana, Rajasthan, where they design and create new furniture, most of which is one-of-a-kind. They’ve even mastered the art of giving a distressed look to their furniture, which is all the rage at the moment. Our favourite from their collection was a blue and white LED TV cabinet, which we’d love to own.

Have a design in your mind already? Give them up to four weeks and they’ll customise a piece for you.


If you like your furniture to have a history, backstory {just like Phoebe did}, or,at least some character, this can and should become your go-to place.

Price: LED cabinet for INR 26,500, Naga pounder for INR 38,500, Naga bed for INR 65,000, and antique mirror for INR 1,75,000

Photos: Sarang Gupta/LBB