A Sustainable Era Has To Begin, With ‘Earthum' It Has

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When it comes to keeping our environment clean and healthy, we lack awareness of it. Starting from using plastic straws to toothbrushes to cutlery to plastic bags we are harming the environment in every possible manner. Aquatic life is the one that is being hampered the most by our deeds. In helping and teaching us how to be effective and efficient in sustainable products, EARTHUM a brand that deals in sustainable products have come up in the market intending to bring a change in the society and our daily habitual products.

Back in 2019, the idea of Earthum came while brainstorming about a business idea where we can reform a product that is a huge pile-up in the garbage and can’t be reused or recycled or upcycled. Said Co-founder Tanishq Gupta while speaking with us.

The mission and vision are to establish a brand that people could trust for good and sustainable products with hopes to bring a change towards the future of our coming generations.

To bring an upgrade to people’s life, they are bringing in products that are eco-friendly, biodegradable, and are naturally sourced. The top Flagship products they already have introduced to the market are Bamboo toothbrushes, which grows faster and doesn’t disturb the ecological balance; ToothABS, these are tablets which is a new form of toothpaste that helps in decreasing the use of plastic tubes and be minimal on non-recyclable products. And a tongue cleaner.

Their first and foremost mission is to educate the youth of the country about the need for sustainable and organic replacements of already existing toxic substances in the shape of products. The second is to sell the product once they are educated and then to talk about the benefits of their product. They want to be selfless while educating them about the harmfulness and the need for replacement.

"In coming 5 years, we see our brand achieving the feat of bringing down the mountains of garbage all across the country by reducing the number of single-use plastic to our sustainable product line" Tanishq added.