We Love How This NGO Harnesses The Power Of Theatre To Empower Youngsters

What Makes It Awesome

Aagaaz Theatre Trust is an NGO based out of Hazrat Nizamuddin Basti that employs theatre to better the lives of children and young adults of the basti. 

Started in 2009 with primary school students of the MCD school in Hazrat Nizamuddin Basti, they began under the i-NGO's arts education programme and have since bloomed into an inclusive space where critical thought is encouraged and theatre activities and plays are used to help adolescents power their way through the city and their identities. 

Aagaaz Theatre Trust has a network of volunteer mentors who take a child under their wing and teach them things in addition to school syllabus, track their growth, and even help the children and young adults in navigating their family life. The trust also runs a programme called 'Darpan', which is an arts-based gender and sexuality education programme.

Aagaaz has performed in 10 cities across India and at prestigious festivals like Gender Bender 2016, Sharanpurr Pustak Mela 2016, Old World Theatre Festival 2018, and META 2019. We have seen them perform and the quality of the actors and the production is top-notch.


Aagaaz Theatre Trust is currently looking for volunteers, interns, and monetary donations for its latest production, Project Rihla, that they wish to perform across India. Having closely seen their quality of work and the impact they have on children's lives, we strongly recommend supporting this venture. You can read more about how you can contribute by clicking on the 'visit site' button.