Absolutely Yushi Plans The Bachelorette Of Your BFF's Dreams

Absolutely Yushi


Absolutely Yushi – The Last Single Affair aims to give brides-to-be one last {before she gets hitched} party, bridal shower or getaway with her closest friends.

They Do

Through her venture, Absolutely Yushi, business consultant Ayushi Misra aims to break the stereotypes surrounding a bachelorette party—no, it’s not all about naughty cakes and strippers {sad face}. She sees it as an intimate affair between the bride and her closest friends, so puts a lot of thought into the planning. She meets with the friends {and the bride, if it isn’t a surprise} and brainstorms, curates and executes a party or getaway for the group of girls.

Tailor-Made For The Bride

Absolutely Yushi is happy to customise, so that the bachelorette is an affair to remember. If you think the bride needs a spa day, with mani-pedis, canapes and lots of downtime, Ayushi can make it happen. Recently, she organised an indulgent getaway to Dubai, complete with a spot of shopping and an evening on a yacht!

Bookmark this to make your friend’s last night of being single just that little bit more special.

Absolutely Yushi