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Ready, Set, Go: Join The Adidas Running Community For #SquadFitness

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What Makes It Awesome

We all make those resolutions to get healthy every new year and fall short of motivation, time and effort in the first week of January. We have a trick that will keep you and your squad motivated, a consistent option even when you’re vacationing or get late post-work – start running.

If you need inspiration, or just a nudge to start working towards your goal, then join Adidas’ running community in your city. With this group of fitness enthusiasts, beginners and other like-minded individuals, you won’t have to compromise and achieve your goal alone.

Whether your goal is to run 10K or a half marathon, you need all the preparation and help you can get. And that’s why a community helps because every person contributes to your journey and helps you move closer towards your goal. Not to mention that this community of #adidasRunnersIN is enthusiastic, fun and full of good vibes only!

From expert advice, medical expertise, core, and strength training to comprehensive running tips, you get the best information and access, at the click of a button. Arjun Saraswat is at the helm of the Delhi community, with over 5 years of experience, 36 half marathons and 3 full marathons under his belt, he believes that Adidas provides the ideal blend of technology and comfort to prep a runner. Driven to constantly improve his timing, strength, and stamina, he competes with himself and is a keen tri-athlete as well.

Excited? Head to their Facebook page to sign up and keep a tab on their upcoming events.