Adore Your Core With These Fun Workouts At RedMat Pilates

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What Makes It Awesome?

This little Pilates studio hidden in Nirvana Country's Courtyard Market used to be Nirvana country women's best-kept secret. And for good reason! But that secret is now out and so thank heavens they have a new studio on Golf Course Road as well. Run by the enthusiastic and inspiring Taru {You must ask her how she got into fitness, it's an enthralling story that is bound to inspire you to start planking}, this studio has made Pilates fun and accessible to all those seeking a strong core.

What Could Be Better?

They used to have fewer class options earlier but now with more instructors and a brand new studio on Golf Course Road, you will have several choices of time slots and classes to choose from.

What's My Pro Tip?

If you have had an injury or are looking for individualized attention ask for the private class options. They are expensive but worth it!

Anything Else?

Besides Pilates, they keep doing interesting fitness related workshops and challenges. Care to try Yogalates? {A blend of Yoga and Pilates to get you in that zen mode} How about a wellness workshop to transform how you feel? Or perhaps planks challenge with your besties? Follow their Facebook page for all the latest updates -
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