Brave The Cave: Explore The Underground Rivers Of The North East


    Caving, in Meghalaya is a thrilling activity, you should try! Nothing comes close to exploring these underground rivers and gorges, through narrow passages, in waist-deep water.

    Let's Smile And Cave

    While Meghalaya is mostly known for its picturesque landscape- beautiful hills, waterfalls and greener lands, the caves in Meghalaya are the least explored in the country. Since caves are formed due to extreme humidity, Meghalaya has many limestone and sandstone caves, due to constant rains. They’re ripe for exploration if you ever want to venture into the dark and see what lies beneath.

    You Won't Hit Rock Bottom

    There are many ways to explore wild cave systems in Meghalaya. Ideally, you will find yourself walking through dark caves with river water and gorges beneath you and a lot of zen space around. You obviously can’t go unguided. So definitely hit up some professionals to take you through all the caves {from the easiest one to maneuver to the tougher ones!}. Depending on the cave you’re in, you will experience waterfalls, stalactites formations, narrow passages and you may have to scurry past bats, beetles and spiders whilst exploring. Tread carefully.

    The activity is quite physical in nature so make sure you’re flexible, fit and active {most days in life} and you’ll do just fine. Also your guide will always be there to give you a helping hand {literally} whenever you need one! The group you chose will give you all the necessary gear you need to start exploring {we’re thinking body suits, gum boots, helmets, LED headlamps and gloves}.

    Anything Else?

    Definitely get in touch with Meghalaya Adventure Tours {+91 98630 60368}, to book your caving experience now! They will give you all the info you need and take you to some of the best caves in Meghalaya. Roughly a seven day package to explore all the caves should cost between INR 3,500 – INR 4,500.

    So We're Saying...

    Sometimes it’s fun and magical to explore the unexplored! We highly recommend you put this activity on your bucket list and start planning your your trip to Meghalaya right about now.