Keep Your Mask On With N99 And N95 Masks From This Brand


    What Makes It Awesome

    Reversible masks, washable masks, and even disposable masks are all in the market right now. But if you are particular about the masks and your safety, then Advind Healthcare has you covered in the mask department. They have N95 and N99 masks for adults and kids. For those wondering the difference between the two masks, N95 masks claim to filter out at least 95 per cent of airborne particles while N99 claims to filter out 99 per cent of airborne particles. The N95 and N99 masks single valve, double valve, and no valve designs. Some of the N99 masks are military-grade masks, so you can be assured about it working well. You can pick up these N95 and N99 masks from Advind Healthcare's LBB page. There's free shipping if your orders are above INR 599. These masks start at INR 249, you might as well pick a few for your whole family. 


    The N99 masks might cause discomfort to those who have breathing issues as these masks are known to have high breathing resistance.