Cardio Your Way To Fitness At This Studio For Just INR 2,500 A Month

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Himanshu conducts classes which are a mix of aerobics, yoga and cross training. Every day is a new workout; this is a great way to keep fit for those who don’t do well with routine and monotony.

Step Up

The classes take place in a studio in Green Park and are a mix of floor aerobics, step class, cross training and conditioning.

The average session lasts for about an hour and includes a tonne of cardio, exercising with gym balls, stretching, toning – the works. Himanshu and his sister are both instructors- she takes the morning classes {8am – 9am} and evening classes from 4pm – 5pm whereas he takes the more advanced groups between 5.30pm – 6.30pm.

There’s even slots for kids in the afternoon class. And if you want to skip the vigorous exercises, you can opt for the yoga classes only.

So, We’re Saying…

Aerobics by Himanshu is great for people looking to lose weight or just looking to be fit and feel good about themselves. The classes generally take place in groups of 10 and not exceeding 15, so you have enough space and personal attention to yourself.

Price: INR 2,500 per month for five classes a week {an extra INR 500 for the first month}, INR 250 per class, INR 1,000 starting for personal training.

PS: If you’re looking for personal training, you can speak to Himanshu about your requirements and he’ll create bespoke one-on-one classes for you {he charges INR 1,000 per class at the studio and INR 2,000 per class if you want him to come home}.

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Call Himanshu on +91 9810844954 for the address in Green Park and any other details.