Revamp Your Homes With These 10 Cheap (But Expensive-Looking) Apartment Accents

    Now that most of us are spending a huge chunk of our time at home, renovations are definitely in order. And it only makes sense that we do it now. If not, this list might be your cue. Irrespective of the space, we're always on a lookout for elements that are functional yet elegant. From artsy wall clocks to candle holders. here's is a list of 10 economical yet expensive-looking apartment accents to give your house the flair that it needs.

    Let's get started!

    Aroma Oil Ceramic Diffuser, Artlik Handicrafts

    Electric Aroma Oil Ceramic Diffuser Burner In Hand Shape With Electric Bulb And Oil (Height- 12cm)

    Electric Aroma Oil Ceramic Diffuser Burner In Hand Shape With Electric Bulb And Oil (Height- 12cm)

    ₹ 540

    Artlik Handicrafts is an online brand that is all about stunning ceramic diffuser lamps which come in different shapes and diffusing oils. These folks have an amazing collection of such lamps that are bound to add that much-needed quirk to your space.

    Price: INR 540

    Quarter Concrete Table Top Pot, 1 BHK

    Quarter Concrete Table Top Pot

    Quarter Concrete Table Top Pot

    ₹ 649

    Looking to create an elegant (tiny) space full of greens? Then you outta check out this adorable Quarter Concrete Table Top Pot by 1 BHK which comes in the variants of blue, pink and white. These sleek-looking planters are best suited for keeping succulents and baby plants. 

    Price: INR 649

    Mosiac Candle Holders, The Talking Table

    Aqua Marine Mosaic Candle Holders

    Aqua Marine Mosaic Candle Holders

    ₹ 430

    A work of art, this Aqua Marine Mosaic Candle Holder is cylindrical in nature and the cut-glass pieces look absolutely stunning. Bedside tables to centrepieces, these would look great in every corner of the room. 

    Price: INR 430

    Concrete Hexagonal Coasters, Yours Concretely

    Hexagonal Coasters

    Distinct and unusual, Yours Concretely has products that are made entirely out of cement. If that's not intriguing enough, we don't know what is. Holding a charm of their own, these concrete hexagonal coasters come in different shades and patterns. Their sleek, geometrical designs are appealing and add a bold statement to the space. 

    Price: INR 599 

    Tin Candle, Nestasia

    Tin Candle Mint - Nestasia

    We must tell you that we had a hard time choosing just one product from this brand. Nestasia has a wonderful collection of home decor, kitchen and dinnerware. These printed candle jars are vibrant and totally unconventional. They come in many different prints and shades, however, the one in mint is a must-have.

    Price: INR 450

    Erudite Art Print, Vajor

    Erudite Art Print - Vajor

    Erudite Art Print - Vajor

    Although they're predominantly known for their apparel collection, I particularly love Vajor for their beautiful wall arts and home decor. This monochromatic print of a woman along with a soothing background is something that is bound to look stunning on a wall. You can choose to get it framed or simply put it on a side table or a cabinet in the corner and you'll be good to go. 

    Price: INR 300

    Zia Wall Art, Home4U

    Zia Wall Art

    Home4U is excellent when it comes to buying affordable home decor and furniture for your homes. Now, if you're a fan of paintings that reflect nature at its best, these folks have some stunning canvas paintings that will instantly remind you of the heavenly outdoors. The Zia Wall Art, in particular, has a detailed leaf which is just soothing to look at. We wouldn't mind getting two of these. 

    Price: INR 399 (sale price)

    Handcrafted Wooden Leaf Box, Amoliconcepts

    Handcrafted Wooden Leaf Box- Red

    Handcrafted Wooden Leaf Box- Red

    ₹ 500

    An excellent brand to check out if you're looking for contemporary yet off-beat elements to decorate your house with. This particular Handcrafted Wooden Leaf Box from Amoliconcepts can be used for storage purposes. This also makes for an elegant accent piece for your centre tables or wall shelves. 

    Price: INR 500

    Dancing Peacock - Wanderlust Painting, Studio Moya

    Dancing Peacock- Wanderlust Painting

    Dancing Peacock- Wanderlust Painting

    ₹ 800

    If you're looking for some traditional decor pieces, Studio Moya is the place to check out. This handpainted marvel showcases the lovely artform of the olden days and is a definite conversation starter. 

    Price: INR 800

    Sher Paper Container, Nicobar

    Sher Paper Container - Nicobar Design Studio

    Sher Paper Container - Nicobar Design Studio

    Having ordered quite a few things myself, I can vouch for Nicobar's home decor. Each product in their collection is tastefully designed. This Sher Paper Container is made using recycled paper showcasing an enigmatic tiger. You can use it to store dry flowers, jewellery, stationery and more. 

    Price: INR 700 

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