Ten Second Takeaway

In addition to the Taj Mahal, Agra is home to another wonder: Leather shops. With a lot of leather factories based out of the city, it’s the ideal place to score leather goods at bargain prices.

A wild shoes chase

A walk down the lane of the city’s Sadar Bazaar will have you come across many, many shoe shops. Although they don’t hold much treasure for women, they’re full to the brim with options for men. From Timbs-style boots to Oxfords to pointy formal shoes which wouldn’t be out of a place at a business meet, this is shoe heaven for boys.

agrashoesAlthough we recommend sifting through the entire street {you never know what you  might find where}, the TSF factory outlet is our top pick.

This market is also great for bags: Suave laptop bags, large totes, cutesy slings, chances are you’ll find something to your taste at every second shop.


There are a few men at the extreme end of the market selling womens’ leather boots on thelas. If you’re lucky, you’ll get something unique and chic in your size. We spotted some riding boots in different colours and some suede ones with quirky reindeer on them. We suspect a large chunk of these are second-hand but hey, quality leather boots at prices as low as INR 700? Worth a look for sure.

So when are you planning your road trip?

Where: Sadar Bazaar, Agra

Price: Starting at INR 600 for a pair of leather shoes

Driving Time: Three and a half hours {approx.}

Feature image courtesy: Purti International