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Ain’t No Partry Like a Samosa Party: Order Fresh, Hot, Healthy Samosas Home

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Samosa Party

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There are days you pray for rain and if those prayers aren’t answered then you make do with monsoon food! The problem with the predicament is that monsoon food needs to be made, so there’s that effort and most of the time it’s fried and a little too indulgent! Dealing with this was one I chanced upon ‘Samosa Party’, the name was the selling point for sure but then came the menu and I was stumped! They claimed that they served Hot and Crispy samosas in 10 varieties with freshly made condiments and accompaniments (and they were right!). Here’s the clincher however, the samosas made by them were baked and not fried, which made me more curious albeit a bit wary too.

Among the vegetarian options, I have a natural affinity for the regular Punjabi Aloo samosa but Jodhpuri Aloo Pyaz and Corn & Cheese, I just had to try them. The verdict was, I loved them both, I
did skip the noodle one because that’s a bit much for someone like me, one family member did try it and they’re hooked. The best part is their selection of non-vegetarian Samosas mainly because those are harder to find, I loved each and every one (we have ordered 4 times so far!). I suggest you start with the chicken & cheese and Kolkata chilli chicken, really stellar stuff, I do wish they work on a keema green chilli and mutton sukka variant at some point (hear hear!). Now go ahead and make it a party and here’s how, add a flask of ginger or masala chai. The chai is excellent, less pre-mix after taste than the usual chai places, the samosa skins are thicker than the street variety but more satisfying since the filling is a lot, the sheer of the samosa is marvellous, easily a mini meal for someone like me.

Since we also like to order breakfast from here, I am happy to report that they have chaats, burgers and combos, I really enjoy the samosa burger and samosa chhole chaat. If you’re a group or planning to entertain then check out the deals in the combo section. Breakfast staples also include Bun Maska, Vada Pav, Samosa Pav and more. I skipped the desserts though I wouldn’t mind trying the Molten Chocolate Samosa, but I will need more guts for that. All in all, this menu is excellent for a specific craving like samosas, the packaging is great and the fact that they aren’t fried is inspiring enough to continue ordering!