Fascinated By Planes? You Ought To Check Out The Stunning, Vintage Aircrafts At This Museum


    Palam’s Air Force Museum houses all of India’s aviation history within its four walls, from the gigantic aircrafts to real war prizes that have been won.

    So Fly

    Located at Palam Air Force Station, the museum is an experience in itself. The great part is that it is open to the public without any ticketing price so that everyone has access to India’s history.

    The museum is divided into two parts; the indoor and outdoor. The indoor space has aircrafts on display and, looking at them, we can only imagine the kind of thrill it would be to actually be flying them. Apart from that, the indoor space has galleries that include pictures, uniforms and identities of the cavalry that lost their lives on the line of duty. The outdoor space has some of the biggest aircrafts, that were too huge to be placed in the indoor gallery, heavy weapons and even real war prizes our nation has won!

    The Vintage Gallery doesn’t just have nostalgic value, but also a patriotic one, as it displays aircrafts that were flown by the Indian Air Force for the Royal Flying Corps {these aircrafts have been through the First World War, and fought very bravely} to the aircrafts used during the Kargil conflict.

    So, We're Saying...

    If you’ve been looking at exploring another side of India’s history, you should visit this museum for an experience of a lifetime.