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Hit Up These Airbnbs Near Delhi For An Unwinding Getaway


    Work is never-ending and with the Covid situation right now, people are hesitant to sit on flights and go on vacays. But what-if! We have a what-if situation. What if you take a break from your hectic life and head out for that much-needed vacay with your friends and fam (or just go solo) to a place which is just a drive away? Pack your bags, drive down, and make up for all the travel fun that you've missed out last year, at these Airbnb properties. You'll thank us later!

    Note: All of these properties are following strict sanitisation and safety guidelines. We recommend that you wear a mask at all times and follow social distancing rules while going out.

    The Artist's Studio, Jaipur

    Travel to Jaipur and spend some time at the beautiful Artist's Studio. If you and bae are art enthusiasts, you are surely going to love this. Designed by an artist, the place is decorated with sculptures, paintings, and antiques. The best part is, it is centrally located, so most of the popular restaurants and areas of interest are located close by.

    Tariff: Starting at INR 2,000/night.

    Driving Time: 4 hours 20 minutes (approx.)

    The Cozy Cabins By Woodscation, Dharamshala

    Woodscation is a luxury campsite that is located in a village in western Dharamshala where you'll get to stay in bell tents (of course, under the stars too!). At the site, you can choose to stay either in a single, two bed, or a three-bed suite that is also equipped with WiFi. For their food, the camp hosts use local ingredients to provide you with the best of comforting food options. Oh, and just in case you are travelling with your doggo, make sure to carry a doggie bed (yes, it's pet-friendly too!)  Also, please note that in order to reach the cabins, you will have to hike for about two kilometres. 

    Tariff: Starting at INR 3,799 per night. 

    Driving Time: 10 hours 30 minutes (approx.)

    Rosie's Retreat, Udaipur

    Rosie's Retreat in Udaipur is perfect if you and your partner are looking to spend some peaceful time together, away from Zoom calls and home offices. Located quite close to the city center, this apartment has everything that you would need. It has traditional bamboo ceilings and the interiors are tastefully done up. The room is equipped with WiFi and they also have scrabble, chess, backgammon, and cards (in case you are both in the mood for some competition). 

    Tariff: Starting at INR 3,929 per night.

    Driving Time: 11 hours (approx.)

    The Taara House, Manali

    Located on a 6,000 feet hilltop, The Taara House in Manali is everything you are looking for, for the perfect getaway. The interiors of the place are so tastefully done up that you wouldn't want to come back. The glass ceiling in the living area lets you dine under the stars and every morning, you'll wake up with the bright sunshine and cuddles of the adorable doggos who stay at the property!

    Tariff: Starting at INR 15,500 per night (with a 2-night minimum stay)

    Driving Time: 13 hours (approx.)

    Writehouse Apartment, Lansdowne

    Picnics, hikes, and peace - if these three things sum up your idea of a perfect getaway, then this property in Lansdowne is for you. Offering a 360 degree view of the beautiful landscape of Lansdowne, this property is a two-bedroom bungalow where you and your folks can have the best time. Also, let us tell you that for an additional charge, the owners of the place can also make arrangements for a bonfire, candlelight dinner, barbecue, and much more. 

    Tariff: Starting at INR 7,584 per night

    Driving Time: 5 hours 30 minutes (approx.)

    Seclude Ramgarh - Grishma, Nainital

    Seclude Ramgarh is a boutique hotel that is located in Nainital and promises unparalleled views of the mountains. With curated artwork around the room, stone flooring, pine bed, and an exclusive deck, we are sure that this place will make your weekend count.

    Tariff: Starting at INR 7,464 per night

    Driving Time: 7 hours 15 minutes (approx.)

    Khaddu's Den, Shimla

    Khaddu's Den in Shimla is an eco-friendly cottage located quite close to the city center. All the pieces of the furniture, from beds to the lampshades at this lodge have been designed in-house using waste wood (that is picked up from the wood mills). Oh, and did we tell you that this property offers up to 50% discount to writers, artists, journalists, or anyone associated with conservation?

    Tariff: Starting at INR 7,763 per night

    Driving Time: 8 hours 20 minutes (approx.)

    The Barn, Chhatarpur

    Don't want to leave the city? The Barn in Chhatarpur is a romantic farm near Sohna Road that honestly feels like you're away from the city without actually sitting in a car for 5 hours. They can also arrange for bonfires so you can sit their with a glass of wine and have a romantic staycation in the city.


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