During The Lockdown, Here's How You Can Support Someone In Need


Self-Isolation has made us realise just how much we miss our homies! With the Coronavirus outbreak around the globe, we are doing all we can to flatten the curve. Now the whole country is even on a lockdown, so you know how serious the matter is. So, when you can’t step out of the house, a great internet connection and mobile connectivity become even more indispensable to keep our colleagues, friends and family updated. Thanks to Airtel #ThanksApp, recharging our mobile phone and virtually meeting our loved ones on Zoom, WhatsApp Video or Google Hangouts is a breeze. The app lets you recharge all Airtel services – mobile connection, DTH, data card – right from your phone so you don’t have to go anywhere. It’s super easy. All you need to do is click on the ‘Recharge’ tab, enter the mobile number, select your pack, pay online, and that’s it!

While you’re at it, let’s spare a thought for the ones who, unlike us, can’t do it themselves. They could be using a feature phone that can’t have the app or don’t know how to navigate it. This could be anybody in the community, including senior citizens in our society or our support system comprising the domestic helpers, the watchman, the cook, the driver and crucial service providers. Let’s lend them a helping hand by offering to do online recharges for their phone via the Airtel #ThanksApp. Not only will it save them from having to go out looking for a recharge shop, but it will make your community safer as well. Just like you, everybody needs to stay in touch with their family and friends and working phone connection is very important for that.

So, add a smile to their faces by helping them with a mobile recharge. We’re all in this together and we must stay safe at home and stay connected with each other.