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What Makes It Awesome?

Here’s what’s great about walking into cutesy, tiny, unassuming stores, when you find a stash of goodies that are hand-picked for the discerning food lover! The Artisan Food Collective is such a golden find, from artisanal cured meats by Artisan Meats, where the must-haves include the spicy Italian sausage, sandwich ham, and streaky bacon to chocolate barks and sugar substitutes made with ashwagandha, beets, and stevia. That’s not all, at all, there’s hand churned white butter made with cow milk from Rajasthan and all organic ghee too, and speaking of organic they have red rice, quinoa, and a pretty good stash of avocados on a good day.

Choose from hot sauces by El Diablo and cool it off with honey harvested from a Karanj tree, make a salad dressing with those too, add a few dashes of sugarcane vinegar and steep zereshk berries in there to make a sweet, sour, and spicy condiment.

The store has an eclectic selection of products sourced from some of the finest indie vendors in the city and country. It was great to find my all-time favourite Anandini Himalaya Tea there, and a selection of healthy desserts that taste as sinful as desserts should. So hop over and make a hipster meal that’s good for you!

What Could Be Better?

It would be nice to see a choice of coffees, spice blends, and condiments, though they do have preserves and conserves. I’m just being difficult here, so this is more like feedback. All in all, this is an honest, earnest store, and I hope they keep stocking stuff that we can’t find elsewhere.

How Much Did It Cost?

INR 500 - INR 1,000

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