All You Ladies, Check Out This Footwear Brand, Naturalizer, That Carries Your Look From Day To Night!


What Makes It Awesome?

If there’s anything that has increased over time for women, it’s our need to hustle and constantly be on the go. Women are slaying it daily and managing both personal and professional lives like a boss! However, deciding what to wear for work and deciding between heels or flats is a constant struggle. Fret not because we are here to solve your footwear problem! American brand, Naturalizer, has been a pioneer in designing shoes that fit the contours of women. With stores present in cities around the world such as New York, Chicago, Toronto & Dubai, Naturalizer has opened up its first flagship store in DLF Promenade! What’s more exciting is that this brand has come as a breakthrough for working women. So all you working ladies, your footwear woes have found a solution and will help carry your #OOTD from day to night! 

In case you’re wondering where you’ve seen this brand before, Naturalizer has been retailing exclusively in India at 50 Bata stores across four cities for almost a decade and has been suiting the contours of Indian women for years. The technology employed is a thorough process that ensures comfort and support is ever present. The patented N5 comfort technology covers aspects like extra cushioning, breathable lining, balanced heel to toe, flexible soles, and more. All in all, comfortable feet all day everyday! 

Their collection is a must check out including a wide range of elegant styles from pumps, mules, chunky soles, heels and so much more. Naturalizer’s footwear literally goes with all types of outfits, whether it’s a family outing or date night or even for client meetings. This brand offers an ingenious blend of functionality and modernity, constantly evolving with the trends in this ever-changing world. 

So, We’re Saying..

Get ready to seize the day with incredible footwear and be the powerful woman you are. Go check out Naturalizer on Facebook and Instagram for more details and updates on their collection. Definitely drop by their flagship store in DLF Promenade to see these beauties in person.