All Your Fabric Needs Under One Roof At Jagdish Store

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What Makes It Awesome

Jagdish Store- in all of its 3 buildings and 4 floors glory- may not be a hidden gem, but it continues to win for its endless collection of fabrics in all colours, textures and sizes. I wanted to be all hipster and alternative and thought of making the trek to Shankar Market/Silampur for fabrics. But, convenience is the killer of wanting to be alt; and I found myself {along with my dog!} perched comfortably in good ol' Jagdish.

Their salespeople are super helpful; I had a very specific requirement and a very specific budget, and I found exactly what I needed. They've been through a phase of super tacky prints and designs. Good thing that's over! Because I found a range of pastels, creams, greys and blues, in a bunch of different textures. They also had really elegant velvets in mild lavenders and greys.

I've bought my room and living room curtains from them, and also bought upholstery {the herringbone print, pictured} for dining chairs.

What Could Be Better?

I'm almost certain that I could find cheaper stuff if I ventured towards Shankar Market. So if you're on a super strict budget, it might be around 10-20% more expensive.

What's My Pro Tip?

They do everything! They stitch curtains, bring channels, install them in your house. You want curtain rods, they've got those too. Jagdish has been pretty much a one-stop shop for everything from fabrics to fittings. Don't forget to bargain!

Anything Else?

I stick to curtains and upholstery for sofas and chairs from Jagdish. That said, they have almost anything you need with respect to home decor {table mats, dustbins, shower curtains, soap dispensers, chairs, you get the drift!}.