All Your Printing Needs Covered at Nehru Place

Anyone who has ever ventured out to get a print- digital, screen or otherwise knows that the quality of the print and of the paper can make or break its final impact. In Delhi NCR, Nehru Place is one of the best places to get your job done right, and these places have got it down pat. Take a look.

Khurana Digital Color Solutions

With over 20 years of experience under their belt, Khurana is your one-stop shop for all your printing, binding and design needs. They have machines equipped to handle printing in a variety of sizes, from A4 to A0. They have papers in-house in a myriad of thickness, textures, and quality. Cutting and binding to boot. Multi-faceted, aren’t they?

Where: G-1, Siddharth Building, 96, Nehru Place

Contact: 011 26424919/ 011 26448414/ +91 9810114286/ +91 9811018246

Price: Starts at INR 10 {color print, paper, A4 size}

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Friends Digital Color Solutions

Involved in digital printing, they do all paper sizes and quantities, including tracing paper and gateway sheets. In case your design needs to be tweaked a bit, they’ll help, but depending on the time commitment you may have to spend a little extra. The prints are top notch though; they’re well equipped to handle large projects.

Where: G-1, Manjush Building no-57, Nehru Place

Contact: 011 26289037/ +91 9899031957/ +91 9810509638

Price: Starts at INR 10 {color print, paper, A4 size}

Bansal Electrostat

Operating in printing of the digital kind, they’ll put your designs on anything from paper and canvas, to mugs and T-shirts. They handle mostly individual projects, so bookmark them for student assignments, and small-scale projects/ presentations. They house paper in their facility, but for other materials, you’ll have to provide the kind that you want.

Where: G-6 , Siddharth Building, Nehru Pl Market Rd, Nehru Place

Contact: 011 26468382/ +91 9810023340

Price: Starts at INR 20 {colour print, paper, A3 size}; INR 200 {mugs}

Stationery Stores

Bansal Electrostat

Sidhartha Building, G-6, Nehru Place Market Road, Nehru Place, New Delhi


Chawla Reprographers

Specializing in digital printing, you can find a wide range of paper at their facility, and get prints in all sizes. In addition to paper, they’ll print on canvas, cloth {t-shirts, for example} and ceramic surfaces {like mugs}. They charge per square inch for most media and their prices are very reasonable, with great quality to go with it.

Where: G-4, Ashok Bhawan,93,Nehru Place, Near Modi Tower

Contact: +91 9312284838

Price: Starts at INR 10 {colour print, paper, A4 size}; INR 0.50 per sq/in {paper}; INR 2 per sq/in {canvas}; INR 250 {mugs}

Megha Enterprises

They handle individual projects, but do large scale projects {especially for corporates} very well. Both digital and offset printing is on the table, with a mind-boggling range of surfaces to print on, from the regular paper, to textured paper, ceramic surfaces, canvas, flex – you name it. You can get any binding you need done in-house as well. They’re known for flyers, posters, cards, calendars, invitation cards and even magazines!

Where: G-7, Meghdoot Building, 94 Nehru Place

Contact: +91- 98180 75061/ +91-99994 53575/ +91 98734 13383

Price: Starts at INR 5 {colour print, paper, A4}; INR 150 {mug}; INR 200 {t-shirt}

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Amit Electrostat

They’ve already got five outlets and are only growing. The main one is in Nehru place, where they do digital and offset printing, designing the graphics {in case you need that service}, and binding {of all types}. They handle individual projects and large scale projects, so in case you have anything that needs to be produced in bulk, they’re the guys for the job.

Where: Shop No. 16, Kundan House, Nehru Place

Contact: 011 26483629/ +91 9910536692/ +91 9871243182

Price: Starts at INR 4 {color print, paper, A4}

Mohan Photostats

They do digital printing in-house, on all types of paper {textured, thick, tracing papers} but in case you need screen-printing or offset printing done or printing on flex, they have contracts in place and will get it done and delivered to you, no problem. On a daily basis, they handle mostly walk-ins and individual projects, but are always tying up with corporate companies for extended time-periods and handling all of their deliverables.

Where: 114, Skylark Building, Building No. 60, Nehru Place

Contact: +91 9873456993

Price: Starts at INR 10 {colour print, paper, A4 size}

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