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#GoHereDrinkThis: Badam Milk At Quality Dairy, Aurobindo Market

Navni posted on 04 January


If you’ve grown up in south Delhi, chances are you’ve been dragged to Aurobindo Market at some point, and then continued to go there for the creamy almond milk they churn out.

Drink What?

Badam Milk. These come in nifty disposable glasses with lids {takeaway FTW}. They use whole cream milk {which explains why it’s so yummy} and unlike other places which do badam milk, is overloaded with almond bits.

Granted, the quantity has gone down over the years and the price up, but it’s still one of the most refreshing beverages you’ll drink.

Pair It With

A muffin or one one of their freshly-baked bread loaves.

Anything Else?

They also keep some of the freshest paneer, white butter and packets of baby corn and mushrooms. And if you’re into baking/cooking, please do yourself a favour and try his fresh heavy-duty cream.


Hop into Midland Book Shop post your milk and pick up a good read for the weekend at a discounted price.

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