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Don't Like Hitting The Gym? Check Out These Options Instead

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Before you renew your gym membership, here are some options you might want to consider to change your fitness game.

MMA At Warrior's Cove

Mixed Martial Arts is slowly but surely becoming the next big thing in fitness. A high intensity sport that works out your entire body, at an MMA session you burn calories far quicker than on a boring old treadmill.

Pilates At Red Mat Pilates

Pilates uses the method of ‘contrology’ which is about controlling your body, muscles and mind, in slow sure movements, building flexibility, strength and most importantly a strong core. They say that once you do a pilates session, you continue to burn calories through the day {*bangs gavel* SOLD!}.

Body Combat At Fitness First Platinum

For those who are too intimidated by the idea of martial arts training, BodyCombat is the way to go. High intensity and high energy, it’s all about non-contact martial arts-inspired movements mixed with dance music. This is where you go when you need to have a fun workout!

Crossfit At CrossFit

A fitness trend turned way of life. Build your strength and endurance with CrossFit, workouts based on functional movements using techniques like Olympic weightlifting, gymnastics, powerlifting, running and done at high intensity.

Never a dull workout here with constantly varied workouts, keep you engaged and motivated. Everyone can do the same WOD {Workout of the Day} in one session with reps and weights scaled to their aptitudes.