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Award-winning Mixologist Ami Shroff Tells Us Her 9 Favourite Drinks!

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Ami Shroff is a renowned flair bartender, mixologist and fire juggler. And having been around since 2003, you know she's the go-to person for all things cocktail and mixology!  So this World Cocktail Day, we got her to tell us about her favourite cocktails, gin, and alcohol brands. Cheers!

Her All Time Favourite Cocktails:

Bloody Mary: She loves Bloody Mary. So, most of us have experienced the magic that vodka is. But when paired with tomato juice, Tabasco, salt, pepper and lime, it takes the game to a whole new level.

Negroni: Garnished with orange peels, Negroni is an Italian cocktail that is made of part gin, part Campari, and one part vermouth rosso. Negroni is one of her favourite cocktails.

Gin & Tonic With Twists: Being a mixologist she loves giving a good twist to her regular Gin & Tonic. This could be anything from adding from adding cucumber, lime, thyme, or strawberry and black pepper. You can personalise it to your flavours as this drinks is versatile.

Her 3 Fave Homegrown Cocktail Mixers

Svami Tonic Water

Svami Drinks

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Svami's Ginger Ale is so good that it can be had directly too. While of them are concentrated, this one is on the milder side. They are a very good mix with Dark Spirits like Whisky. You can read more about Svami here.

Fever Tree

Fever tree is a premium gin brand that will make your cocktails every bit delicious with their tonics and ginger ale. 


Sepoy & Co

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Sepoy is everyone's favourite hipster tonic and turns out Ami Shroff approves of it too. What we love about Sepoy is that their tonic isn't too sweet unlike the ones you will usually get.

Upcoming Gin Brands Ami Shroff Is Betting On

These are upcoming, Indian gin brands that she's betting on Hapusa, Stranger & Sons, Greater Than, Samsara and Tickle. You can find out more about them here.

1 Homegrown Alcohol Brand She Thinks Everyone Should Try

Geist is known for its freshly brewed high-quality beer that’s brewed keeping in mind the highest standards of hygiene. Geist Kamacitra is a New England-style beer that one must try according to her.

While these were some of Ami Shroff's favourite drinks, check out our favourite picks.