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An Exquisite Brand With Heritage: Tassyam


    In today’s busy world we are all looking for a moment to pause and taste something that will take us back to our roots.

    The people at Tassyam want to do just that. With their varied and special line of products, they want all of us to capture the taste of India in all her glory.

    Established and nurtured by a brother and sister tandem, Tassyam aims to deliver Hing, Dry fruits, Teas, Spices, Cereals, Pickles, Butters, and many more gourmet products. In this delectable range of products, their hing deserves a special mention. Ayush, one-half of the brother-sister tandem that started this venture, was trained under the tutelage of his grandfather who has been a vanguard in the hing business for over 80 years. For them delivering superior quality is not just a good business decision; It’s a matter of pride and carrying on the generations-long tradition. The genesis of Tassyam speaks volumes about the inquisitiveness and the drive of the founders. The idea of starting a company was originated in Spain by Ayush as a project while he was studying management and business. People were instantly enamoured by the idea and it grew from there. Thus, the umbrella company’s name was carefully chosen to be Goel United Spice Trading Office, which abbreviates to GUSTO, which means “good taste” in Spanish.

    One of the things that the Tassyam team takes great pride is in how their products are sourced and manufactured. The quality of the products they deliver is very important to them and putting forth any product which is of inferior quality is not acceptable. That’s why they source ingredients for Tassyam products from the heartlands of India to the fields in the USA and wherever they feel they can find the very best for their products. Tassyam sees the producers and farmers as valuable contributors in the value chain and thus fosters intimate relationships with them. 

    Even though they come from a well-established business clan, Ayush and Pallavi started from humble beginnings in a 170 square foot office with just 9 tea varieties and have grown to such large proportions that now they operate in 8000 square foot processing and packaging unit and are selling north of 200 varieties of products. When they started out, they were only getting 15 orders in a month. It’s a testament to the quality of their offerings that they now fulfil orders upwards of 15,000 units per month. Their drive and business acumen have been a major factor in this meteoric rise but the most important reason has been and will be their products. Tassyam boasts clientele in 5 continents and 170 countries. They even have a separate division for corporate gifting to keep up with the high demand in the business world. Try Tassyam and find out for yourselves why people are going gaga over their products.