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Modern Yet Traditional: This Store Has The Perfect Fusion Outfits For This Shaadi Season

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    Half saris, quirky prints and boho jewellery may not seem like the best outfit for shaadi season but this designer store is soon changing that perception with some super fresh designs. Anantam, at MGF Metropolitan Mall, mixes up modern with traditional to give the best kind of fusion designs.

    Indian Stuff, Modern Makeover

    The reason we love Anantam is because they keep fashion fresh. They design and also curate styles that are all Indian but they’ve given such cool makeovers to traditional clothes that it would be hard not to pick out something from their store for this shaadi season.

    In the photos, you’ll see a very elegant variation of the anarkali, an ombre sari, an anarkali with a slit and a sari with a very modern print, bringing together the traditional with the contemporary.

    #LBBTip: Take some inspiration on draping from their cool store.

    So, We're Saying...

    If you want to do something very different this shaadi season while sticking to the traditional template, you need to pay a visit to Anantam at MGF Metropolitan Mall.

      Available Online