By Jeremy Brian

I once associated the act of slipping on a bespoke shirt with the gentle caress of ten soft pairs of hands. While I haven’t in reality experienced the latter, the former has become a part of my daily sartorial ritual. Putting on a freshly laundered and pressed shirt that has been made just for you is one of life’s simple pleasures.

Despite its humble beginnings as an undergarment, the shirt has replaced the kurta as the default option for men in modern India. Ranging from a solid white or blue shirt for business, to checks and stripes for the office, or florals and colourful patterns for parties, the options of flaunting your personality through a shirt have never been so varied.

However, our greatest struggle while shopping for a shirt remains finding that elusive perfect fit. Sanchit Baweja, from Buttons ’n’ Threads, offers a suggestion – “always go for bespoke.” Bespoke, as in custom-made, is now even simpler than a visit to the local tailor. You can take your own measurements at home, and send them to a company like Buttons ’n’ Threads, who will home-deliver a customised shirt, incorporating your design preferences.

The following info graphics will help you understand the different elements involved in the construction of a shirt:

 How to achieve the perfect fit

LBB Articles Shirt-01


 How to take your measurements…

LBB Articles Shirt-02


 Different options for a collar…

brochure_Page_01 brochure_Page_02





 A pocket on the chest is a relatively new addition to shirts…


These were not required back in the day, when men wore a waistcoat to cover their shirts.

Whether you buy off the shelf, or care to spend a little extra on a custom-fit, the trick is to understand your body structure, complexion, and lifestyle needs, and then shop around. For assistance in picking the right colour, and other sartorial shirt experiments, refer to these experts in and around Delhi:

Buttons ’n’ Threads, read more about them here 

KARDO at 5G, Jungi House, Shahpur Jat, read more about them here

 Pictures Courtesy: Buttons ’n’ Threads