#LBBPicks: State Bhavan Food For Every Vegetarian


    Ten-Second Takeaway

    We have a way to make that state bhavan visit totally damn delicious even if you’re going with mean meat-eaters. We spent an entire afternoon going around town, eating ourselves insane so we could zero down on green dot options that’ll make you happy.

    All we have to say is get ready to sing your own version of Hotel Kale-o-fornia – you can check out anytime you like but you can’t never leaf.

    Andhra Bhavan

    We loved: The thali of course—which has endless refills of everything, btw.

    We spent: INR 120

    #LBBTip: They’re super-strict about people sharing; everyone needs to get their own thali.

    Maharashtra Sadan

    We loved: Weeeeeelll, we didn’t exactly love the thali, but it is a super-economical, filling option. They also have a menu you can order off; they’re pretty fancy compared to other bhavans.

    We spent: INR 142

    Banga Bhavan

    Banga Bhawan

    Connaught Place, Delhi

    We loved: Everything! We ate luchi, aloo posto, dal, begun bhaja, dum aloo and mishti doi, and we were just blown away.

    We spent: INR 465

    Assam Bhavan

    Assam Bhawan

    Chanakyapuri, Delhi

    We loved: The veg thali had amazing potato mash, spinach aloo and tamarind chutney. We also liked the super tangy veg tenga and paneer curry. Wash it down with the super refreshing nemur sorb {lemonade}.

    We spent: INR 375

    #LBBTip: Call them beforehand to check what the daily special veggie in the thali is.

    Gujarat Bhavan

    We loved: It’s the little things in the special thali that made us happy – the dhokla, dahi vada, chaas and the gravy subzi.

    We spent: INR 140

    #LBBTip: On Fridays, they have thepla, and we reckon it might be worth a try. We suggest you also try their breakfast. Again, they change the veg thali menu every day, so call to check what you can expect to see on the table.