Tea Time: We're Getting Our Fix Of Cocoa From This Brand's Healthy Chocolate Tea

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Annie Beans

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What Makes It Awesome

Tea and coffee function as both energy boosters (in the morning) and conversation starters with your close-knit circle. Unless of course, you like to enjoy your hot cuppa all by yourself reading a book - that works too. And if like us you're on a lookout for some interesting flavours of these versatile drinks, we've found just the brand for you. Based out of Chandigarh, Annie Beans is a beverage brand that has over 40 different types of teas and four blends of coffee.

Completely organic in nature their teas are sourced from the plantations across the globe. What arrested our attention was the unusual flavours of tea these folks have in their collection. We're talking  Chocolate, Moroccan Mint, Mango Green Tea and the likes. Annie Bean's Rum & Raisin Tea has found its way into our carts (and hearts too) for the wonderful notes of vanilla, oak, orange peel with hints of pepper. Their Rhododendron Green Tea is for all those times the weather wears us down with an uninvited case of cough and cold. A First Flush from Darjeeling, the Queen's Delicacy Rare (INR 595) has a mellow, fruity taste and is pleasant on the palate as a whole. Caffeine intolerant? Give their caffeine-free, African Rooibos Red Tea a shot. Grown in a small region of Africa, this tea not only works wonders on hair but also helps improve blood circulation and regulation. You can find a bunch of other flavours like Blue Pea, China Muscatel, English Orchard, Indian Ginger Chai, Japanese Sencha Tea and so many more. 

Price: Their collection of tea starts at INR 395 onwards.


You can also shop for four kinds of coffees here, Original Arabica, Cinnamon, Mint and Vanilla coffee. They are priced at INR 495 each and come in a pack containing 20 pyramid filter bags. They ship across India so order these exquisite teas and coffees right away.