Ten-Second Takeaway

With women’s apparel that is suitable for both work and leisure, Anomaly by Medha Khosla is all about well-tailored, straight fits in whites, blacks, browns and navy blues.

Less Is More

Medha lives strictly by the ‘less is more’ policy, which reflects in her designs. Made using only natural fabrics including silks, cottons and linen, take your pick from the range of shirts, blouses, trousers, dresses and jackets.

All In The Detail

Anomaly’s garments are all handcrafted, ensuring the end result has the best finish, fit and construction. They claim to have given equal emphasis to utility, quality and aesthetics, so this is where you should head when you need attire suitable for both everyday wear and formal dos and don’t want to end up with two separate wardrobes.

Their newest collection, A Modern Workwear Wardrobe, is all about blues and greys, and consists of natural, breathable textiles like handloom and khadi cottons, linens and silk crepe to combine the aesthetic with the practical.

We’re lusting after the single pleat pants, the boxy pinstripe shirt and the Dolman sleeve jumpsuit.

#LBBTip: The prices may just be a tad high for everyday wear, so we recommend timing your visit with pay day.

Featured Photo courtesy: Anomaly