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Jia posted on 16 December

By Jia Singh

The last few months have been absolutely nuts with an insane number of weddings and Diwali shenanigans. Needless to say, while I’ve been actively hitting the gym and continuing with yoga sessions, all the parties and the sheer pace of this season catches up with our bodies. Staying hydrated just isn't enough - the body needs nutrition designed to help it detox and recuperate. Enter, cold-pressed juices from Antidote.

When I first heard about Antidote, I was intrigued. Founders of Antidote, sisters Nadia Singh Bahl and Carol Singh, believe that juices help give the digestive system a break to reboot and heal. Given that the juices are cold pressed juices, they have a longer shelf life than regularly available juices, provide more live enzymes and culture, and are free from any preservatives and additives.

Antidote comes in a range of five bespoke cleanses - Skinny Down {for weight loss}, Light Up {for healthier skin and hair}, Horsepower {for protein and muscle recovery}, Nine Lives {for its anti-ageing properties} and Exhale {for an antioxidant boost.} All their juices are cold pressed, free from any sugar, preservatives and gluten and contain superfoods such as arugula, coconut water and almond milk, to name a few. What I liked most was the fact that it can be consumed in addition to a clean, healthy diet.

The Test

I promptly ordered a 1 day Skinny Down cleanse and put it to the test. When I tore open the carton, I found 4 delightfully designed bottles of pure nutritional goodness. Each bottle served a particular function - the pumper, the polisher, the flusher and the energizer.

I consumed the pumper on waking - a green potion with spinach {for the chlorophyll}, wheatgrass {a popular antioxidant} and just enough pear to make it mildly sweet. I had the polisher an hour before lunch, which was a green tea {antioxidant as well as a metabolism booster} based drink with pineapple {for its bromelain and the ability to kick fat in the butt}, and ashwagandha - a herb heavily used in Ayurveda for a host of health benefits. I swapped my afternoon coffee for the third drink - the flusher - which packed in super-foods like green coffee and carrots for their antioxidants, cancer fighting and metabolism boosting properties. The last juice of the day, the Energizer, was a beautiful marriage of noni berries {miracle fruit with antioxidant properties}, sweet basil {for better immunity} and red and green peppers for collagen production and healthy skin. In addition to the juice, I received a comprehensive guide with dietary instructions and disclaimers.

The Verdict

Although the juices didn’t score very high on the palatability test, I loved how I felt afterwards and am keen on trying their ‘nine lives’ cleanse for its almond milk and coconut sugar concoction. For the more adventurous and experienced juicer - there is a juice-only cleanse that consists of 9 juices through the day.

Don't forget to shake well before use!

Notes in our Little Black Book |

Antidote: for those looking to go for a cleanse or to reboot their system; palatability is secondary.

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They deliver in Gurgaon, but orders from Delhi need to be picked up from Malcha Marg.

For more information, have a look at their Facebook page.