We love that being healthy, detoxing, and trying new something-free products is becoming trendy. And the fact that Antidote is set to open its {and perhaps Delhi’s} first new cold pressed juice bar, just goes to show that perhaps we’re finally starting to make healthy decisions, as a city.

Now only if someone could fix the air.

Come the 12th of June, Antidote, most popular for their bottled, cold pressed juices and flushes, will open a kiosk in Select Citywalk, opposite Croma, on the first floor. Contents you ask? Their line of juices, and activated vegan Mylk. Thank you Antidote, you’re slowly taking away all excuses as to why we just can’t do that juice cleanse.

When: 12th June

Where: Select Citywalk, First Floor, Opposite Croma